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Artists built secret apartment in mall

The leader of an artists' cooperative has been sentenced to probation for setting up a secret apartment inside a shopping mall's parking garage as part of a project on mall life.


'God' gets an attorney in lawsuit

The mystery of one response to a lawsuit against God has been solved. Eric Perkins, an attorney in Corpus Christi, Texas, said Friday he filed a response to the lawsuit from Nebraska State Sen. Ernie Chambers. "It's kind of a turn on 'What would Jesus do?'" Perkins said. "I thought to myself, "what would God say?"


European sperm running out in US after FDA ban

For American parents looking for donor sperm to produce blond, blue-eyed Scandinavian babies, the search just got a little trickier.


S.C. mom scoops al-Qaida with its videos

Once her son is off to school, Laura Mansfield settles in at her dining room table with her laptop and begins trolling Arabic-language message boards and chat rooms popular with jihadists.


Turkey orders YouTube blocked over clips

A Turkish court has ordered the country's telecommunications company to block access to the popular video-sharing site YouTube because of clips the court deems insulting to leading political figures.


NBC to offer free episode downloads

NBC will start offering limited free downloads of shows such as "Heroes" and "The Office" as part of its bid to expand the digital distribution of its programs and compete with Apple Inc.'s iTunes Store, the network announced Wednesday.


Drunk man gets trapped in ex's chimney

Firefighters had to tear though a wall to rescue an intoxicated man who became stuck while trying to climb down a chimney into the residence of his former girlfriend.


IBM and Google take aim at Microsoft's Office dominance

San Francisco (dpa) - More bad news for Microsoft. A day after it was slapped with a damaging anti-trust ruling in the European Union, the software giant is facing increased competition for its Office suite cash cash.


MySpace launches targeted ad program

News Corp.'s MySpace social networking site is using personal details contained on users' profile pages and blogs to sell highly targeted advertising, the company said Tuesday.


Free phone calls with startup's $399 box

A Silicon Valley startup will begin selling $399 gadgets Wednesday that consumers with broadband Internet service can use to make unlimited free domestic phone calls.


'iCarly' combines the Internet with TV

What if, just like Andy Warhol said we would, we gave everyone their 15 minutes of fame?


Australian mom sues doctor because she had twins, not single birth, after undergoing IVF

An Australian woman who gave birth to twins instead of a single baby after undergoing in-vitro fertilization has sued her doctor for the cost of bringing up the second child.


Google expands mobile ad network

Online search leader Google Inc. is expanding the volume of advertising that it delivers to mobile devices, hoping to make more money from the expanding audience of consumers surfing the Web when they're away from home or the office.


Online anti-piracy firm's e-mails leaked

Hackers who intercepted e-mail from MediaDefender Inc., a firm that tries to stymie unauthorized downloading of songs and movies on behalf of record companies and Hollywood film studios, have released hundreds of megabytes of data on the Internet.


Jack Hanna, flamingo stuck in turnstile

Animal expert Jack Hanna and an 11-month-old flamingo became trapped while trying to squeeze through an airport security turnstile. It took firefighters to finally get the flamingo out.


Search startup ready to challenge Google

The dozens of entrepreneurs gathered for an exclusive high-tech conference here Monday all hope to dazzle the crowd with their ingenuity.


Newspapers are going 'widget'-happy

If you're not plugged into the Internet, you still have to buy the whole newspaper even if you only want to do the crossword puzzle. But online, that and other stand-alone features are increasingly popping up all over the Web.


SpiralFrog music site launches Monday, an ad-supported Web site that allows visitors to download music and videos free of charge, was scheduled to launch Monday in the U.S. and Canada after months of "beta" testing.


Chinese man dies from 3-day gaming binge

A man in southern China appears to have died of exhaustion after a three-day Internet gaming binge, state media said Monday.


Cities cracking down on saggy pants

U.S. Cities Starting Crackdowns on Pants Saggers; Some May Face Jail Time


Typeface designers mix art, engineering

In Making Typeface, Designers Blend Art, Engineering, Just Right Amount of Personality


Obama Uses LinkedIn To Plug Into Entrepreneurs

The 2008 presidential candidates have tapped YouTube, MySpace and Facebook to get their messages out to Internet users. On Wednesday, business-oriented site Linked-In received its presidential race initiation.


N.Z. burglar returns goods, apologizes

A burglar visited Graeme Glass' home in New Zealand twice in one day _ first to steal some goods and later to return them, along with a heartfelt apology note.


Foiled burglar loses clothes in tussle

A man who allegedly tried to burglarize a home lost his clothes in a scuffle with the 69-year-old homeowner and then tried to streak away before he was arrested.


Burglar spent hours chatting on victim's phone

Wellington (dpa) - A burglar spent two hours chatting on sex lines after breaking into a house in Hastings, New Zealand, while his 85- year-old victim slept in another room, a newspaper reported on Wednesday.


Burglar arrested after sleeping in car

The basic requirement of the stealthy night-time burglar is the ability to stay awake. A suspected Norwegian burglar failed the test and ended up in jail.


Thieves tracked by trail of wrappers

Doctors often warn of the health risks of eating junk food, but it seems the treats can be a problem for burglars, too.