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Nov 11, 2011 09:25 EST

World is a happier place than 2007: poll

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Despite economic woes, wars, conflicts and natural disasters the world is a happier place today than it was four years ago and Indonesians, Indians and Mexicans seem to be the most contented people on the planet. More than three-quarters of people around the globe who were questioned in an international poll said they were happy with their lives and nearly a quarter described themselves as very happy.

Japan priest fights invisible demon: radiation

FUKUSHIMA (Reuters) - On the snowy fringes of Japan's Fukushima city, now notorious as a byword for nuclear crisis, Zen monk Koyu Abe offers prayers for the souls of thousands left dead or missing after the earthquake and tsunami nearly one year ago. But away from the ceremonial drums and the incense swirling around the Joenji temple altar, Abe has undertaken another task, no less harrowing -- to search out radioactive "hot spots" and clean them up, storing irradiated earth on temple grounds.

Top photo award for Arab Spring portrait

AMSTERDAM (Reuters) - A portrait of a veiled woman cradling a wounded relative in her arms, taken in Yemen by Spanish photographer Samuel Aranda for The New York Times, won the top World Press Photo prize Friday. The photograph captured a moment in the conflict in Yemen, when demonstrators against outgoing president Ali Abdullah Saleh used a mosque in Sanaa as a field hospital to treat the wounded. But judges said it also spoke more broadly for the Arab Spring.

Management Tip of the Day: Stop the whining!

BOSTON (Reuters) - If you want to institute a "no whining" rule in your organization, there are two mindsets to encourage in your people, says Harvard Business Review. The Management Tip of the Day offers quick, practical management tips and ideas from Harvard Business Review and (http:\\ Any opinions expressed are not endorsed by Reuters.

Conservative group to sponsor NASCAR driver in election

CHICAGO (Reuters) - NASCAR racing cars typically are painted with ads for products like coffee, beer, or tires. But a conservative political training organization is trying something different this presidential election year -- it's sponsoring a red-white-and-blue car with the message "Keep America Free."

Toymakers gear up for year of the "AppCessory"

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Having found this holiday season that they cannot beat iPad, iPhone and iPod, toymakers have decided to join them, lining up a host of playthings that come to life when hooked up to the devices, gadgets that kids love to play with. Industry insiders call them "AppCessories," and expect a wide array of these items to be on display at the American Toy Fair, which officially kicks off in New York on Sunday.

Travel Picks: Top 10 places to propose marriage

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Valentine's Day is just around the corner and if you are thinking about popping the question, online travel advisor Cheapflights ( has come up with a list of the top 10 places to propose that may help you to get the romance and the "Wow!" factor right on the day. Reuters has not endorsed this list: 1. Whitsundays, Australia Heart Reef is a naturally formed heart shape in the Whitsundays and it's reassuringly inaccessible. The way to see it is to take a helicopter or seaplane journey and propose mid-air. We prefer Lindeman Island, most of which is national park. Ignore the Club Med resort if you like and head to the summit of Mount Oldfield, just 212 meters above sea level, from where you can spy Hamilton, Whitsunday and Haslewood islands and perhaps see whales and dolphins in the crystalline waters. 2. London, United Kingdom

U.S. designers lag European labels in wooing China

NEW YORK (Reuters) - China is in fashion for top U.S. designers as they look to tap the world's fastest-growing luxury goods market amid a slow economic recovery at home, but critics say they have lagged their European rivals in seeing the Asian giant's potential. Among Chinese consumers the top five brands for the past two years were all European -- Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Gucci, Dior and Armani -- according to Bain and Co, which estimates China's luxury good sales grew by up to 30 percent in 2011.

Travel Postcard: 48 Hours in Bali

SANUR, Bali (Reuters) - Lush tropical landscapes, intricate Hindu temples, long stretches of beach fringed with palm trees, and traditional dances both graceful and furious are all part of the charms of this resort island that keep visitors coming. Yet venture away from the main tourist drag and it's still possible to spend hours strolling through rice fields, stopping in villages along the way to chat with locals.

Sky-high London apartments have matching price tag

LONDON (Reuters) - High-rise London homes cost an average 36 percent more than low-rise dwellings as the city's residential towers shake off a grim reputation earned in the 1960s, spurred by overseas demand, data from global property consultancy CBRE showed. The biggest premium versus low-rise neighboring flats was 68 percent for the 43rd floor of the 525-feet tall Strata tower, London's tallest residential tower in the Elephant and Castle district, an area set to benefit from a facelift in coming years.

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